T-Note overview

Our HADICOR implementation is the T-NOTE system used for testing and diagnosing Toshiba’s notebooks. At the moment the most T-Note sites are in Europe, but there are sites in Africa and in Middle East. About 230 gateways has been installed around these areas:

The number of the test sessions opened has reached the 2.360.800 and more than 28.358.000 test step have been applied till now.

We cooperate Toshiba to fulfill the requirements of the continuously changing models, regulatory environment and organization. In contrast, the procedures has to be followed in the individual sites (services) should be fixed.

The suggested protocol (starting with the Initial Diagnostics that collects all information about the notebook and finishing with the Final QA test that checks the components and create the test certificate) compliance can be monitored and the necessary intervention can be decided and performed.

This monitoring system is very useful in controlling the service operation – how the protocol is kept at the individual sites - also the part replacements. The budget revision and the enterprise-wide cost reduction is also based on the data collected during the individual test processes.

At Aviatronic the development and enhancement group is located together with the real service area, so the user (technician) feedback can be investigated at once. Futhermore our technician’s suggestion can be applied early enough to avoid later problems. This cooperation increases our work efficiency.

T-Note documentation can be reached at our website or directly from the system. The documentation covers the full life cycle of the system – the system configuration and setup procedure book assists in creating a test environment, the Web-operator and the T-Note documentation support the daily test procedures. Our ambition was producing a user documentation that makes easier to start working with T-Note but it covers also the more sophisticated user requirements.