Original design goals of AFFTS proved to be well founded and helped in developing HADICOR. Flexibility, maintainabily, ease of use and the transparency were our main objectives to be achieved in the creation of HADICOR system.

Our goals were to develop a tool which easily adapts to the fast changing environment, can be integrated with other exising systems, it can be easily maintained, it can be easily learned to use, users feel its benefits in their everyday work, it improves their efficiency and the collected data can be the source of a very effective controlling system for the management.

We have devised a modular system with smaller subsystems which makes easier to maintain and support them. We have automated test processes with paying extra effort with the work invested but this work has been payed-off in the effectivity of the system. Our finding is that the data collected during the repair processes is very important source of the exectutive decision, therefore the reliability, the amount, the storage and access of the data have been redesigned to adapt the requirements.

We have gained deep experiencies in the technical aspects of the development like multiboot environment, virtualisation, iSCSI, PHP web application, Postgresql and the integration of the previously mentioned tools.

We have developed management system that fits the special requirement of a notebook service network. Beyond the common controlling processes our specific notebook repair experiences have also been integrated. This system is continously adapting because of the new notebook models, the human resources and the management requirements are also changing.

Our system comprises original vendor tools like HDD and processor tests, standalone tools like Memtes, DOS and/or UEFI based and Linux tools.

The HADICOR system consists of a central (modular) server and gateways with web-operator at the indiviadual corporate networks.The central server is subdivided into connection, application and database servers. Web-operator is used as the monitoring tool of the individual repair procesesses.

The hardware requirement of the HADICOR system is very simple and cheap,it does not need a big investment - most of the gateways are notebooks. Operator computer can be any computer with a contemporary browser attaced to the corporate LAN (or to the HLAN). Other requirement is the Internet connectivity, because gateways (sites) have to be connected to the central server. Only occasional hardware maintenance is required (it is supported by warnings of possible harware failures) by the sites. Software maintenance is performed by Aviatronic through the Internet. Installation is easy and controlled by Aviatronic. It is supported also with a document sent to the site in the first email. The installation procedure is monitored and assisted by Aviatronic.

Offline version of the system has been also created. This portable tool can be innstalled on a pendrive bigger then 4 GB. It can be used by a customer to pre-test his notebook before taking it to the service or by a technician who has to test and repair computers onsite. Test data is saved on the pendrive and it can be loaded later on to the server.

Data analysis is deeply supported with the system. The data collected during the individual test processes support the preparation of the financial and organizational decisions. The centrally held data can be the data source of other external systems. The regular audit of service sites (ASPs) can be performed remotely. Data analysis can be used for alerts about non-conformances and technical problems. The system greatly reduces the screening requirements, data collected can be used to enhance the yield of the screening process.